Svijet keramike Sonja Bikić
Wonderland of Ceramic by Sonja Bikic 

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 My name is Sonja Bikic .I have been playing with mud for 25 years. After finishing my studies at Belgrade University of Applied Arts and Design, department of Ceramics, I came back to my native city Banja Luka, where I started to work as professional ceramist . So far I have had 9 solo exhibitions in my home country and I also took part in many collective and international exhibitions all around the world. My most important international exhibition was in Taipei, Taiwan 1994 where I received repurchase award. My last big project was 2012. In cooperation with the Aquarius agency, I designed the statue of a Hippopotamus, for Hypo bank , Klagenfurt, Austria. e


CV Sonja Bikic

SONJA BIKIĆ Was born on April 4, 1961 in Banja Luka.She studied at the Faculty of applied arts in Budapest from 1985 to 1986. She graduated in 1990 at the Faculty of applied arts and design, department of ceramic in Belgrade. She is the member of ULUBiH since 1991 and the member of ULUPURS since 1994.

Important solo exhibitions:

1998 Banja Luka BiH ,Gallery of fine arts of Republic of Srpska.

2003 . Banja Luka BiH,KIC- Cultural Information Centre

2007. Banja Luka ,BiH,Museum of Contemporary Arts of Republic of Serpska

2007. Laktasi,BiH, Cultural institutions

2008 .Brcko, BiH Art Gallery Brcko district , BiH

2009. Sarajevo, BiH . Gallery of the International Center for Peace.

Birds of peace

2010. Banja Luka , BiH . Cultural Center Bans court

Birds of peace

Important group exhibitions

1990 Zagreb, Croatia III World triannual of small ceramics.

1991 Grottagli, Italy III International biannual of ceramics Gallery D adiagramma studioeffe.

1994 Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, International exhibition of ceramics, Museum of fine arts.

1996 Belgrade, SCG International triannual of ceramics -Cup 96.

2000 Belgrade, SCG II International triannual of ceramics -Cup-, Museum of applied arts.

2003 Faenza, Italy Form between continuity and innovation. Museo intenazionale delle ceramiche.

2003 Belgrade, SCG III International triannual of ceramics -Cup-

2004 Prague, Czech Republic, Warsaw, Poland, Budapest, Hungary. Artzept exhibition -Cup-

2004. 2006. Paris, France Artzept exhibition -a set of bowls.

2008. Sarajevo, BiH, Collegium Atisticum , Art fighting poverty.

2008.2009.2010.2011.2012 Sarajevo, BiH, Collegium Atisticum , Annual exhibition ULUBiH.

2010. Sarajevo, BiH, Sarajevo Green Design Festival . Tradition and sustainability - Traditional crafts vrs modernity

2010. Shanghai,China, Art –expo , Arts & Crafts in Bosnia and Hercegovina

2011 .Banja Luka ,BiH, Museum of RS, 1+1 Life and Love.

Important projects:

1998 Banja Luka, BiH Creator of the prize for Theatre Fest Banja Luka 98.

2003 Bijeljina, BiH Ist prize for the solution of souvenir of Semberia.

2003 Banja Luka, BiH Solution for the design of a beer-mug of Banja Luka brewery.

2004 Croatia Art solution for the souvenir of Krka monestery accepted by SPC.

2005 Banja Luka, BiH Creator of the plaque for Theatre Fest 05 Banja Luka.

2008. Brcko , BiH. Art solution of the relief of the townhall in Brcko .

2012. In cooperation with the Aquarius agency, She designed the statue of a Hippopotamus,

for Hypo bank, Klagenfurt, Austria.


1994. Taipei, Taiwan. Repurchase prize on the International exhibition of ceramics,

2003. Bijeljina, BiH .Ist prize for art solution of souvenir of Semberia,

2008. Brcko , BiH. Art solution of the relief of the townhall in Brcko .


Traditional arts and crafts in Bosnia and Hercegovina

Published by UNESCO in Venice Italy 2005, photographs made by Norbert Heyl