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Svijet keramike Sonja Bikić
Wonderland of Ceramic by Sonja Bikic 

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Circle of love. White doves .Indoor Wreath.Wedding gift, wall decor, White Winter Wreath. Wedding Favor. Love birds . White bird flock.


Circle of love, love and life .Valentines gift. Wedding decoration.Hanging on the wall ceramic stoneware sculpture.White doves wreath made of white clay and covered with white shine glaze .Doves in kissing flight . Symbol of peace and love. During Christmas holidays it could be Christmas decoration.This little wreath is beautiful, no matter where you put it in your home - on the wall, laying on a table, nestled in a flower arrangement.

dim 16x16 cm,h=3cm.

6.24 x 6.24 inch, h= 1.17 inch.

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