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Svijet keramike Sonja Bikić
Wonderland of Ceramic by Sonja Bikic 

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Birds of peace, ceramic doves. Indoor Wreath . Wedding decoration , symbol of love and peace.Valentine gift.Wedding Favor .


It is wall sculpture of seven birds in flight .Ceramic white birds covered with white shine glaze.

Hanging on the wall sculpture. Kissing doves as a wedding decoration, symbol of love and peace..Doves in flight like symbol of purity and happiness This little wreath is beautiful, no matter where you put it in your home - on the wall, laying on a table, nestled in a flower arrangement.

Birds are one of my favorite topic . If you want to see more about them see video of my solo exhibition Birds of peace. F44&feature=plcp

dim. of wreath is

19x19cm,h=3cm or 7.41x,7.41 inch,h=1.17 inch


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