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Svijet keramike Sonja Bikić
Wonderland of Ceramic by Sonja Bikic 

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Three ceramic butterfly. Wall hanging stoneware sculptures. Home decor butterflies .Wall instalacion . Ceamic wall art. Wall decor .


Three ceramic butterfly ,hanging on the wall stoneware sculptures .Blue butterflies decorated with cobalt oxides , covered with white glaze and decorated with red , black and lavender under glaze color .Hand drawn decor on the ceramic butterflies .You can put these butterflies on the table or on the wall.

dim. 27x11,5 cm , h =9,5 cm or 10.53 inch x 4.48 inch, h= 3.7

the smaller butterfly dim 14 x 11cm , h= 5 cm or 5, 5 x 4,3inch, h= 1.95 inch .

the smallest butterfly dim 10 x 7cm , h= 5 cm or 3.9 x 2.73inch, h= 1.95 inch

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