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Svijet keramike Sonja Bikić
Wonderland of Ceramic by Sonja Bikic 

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Ceramic artist, sculptor and jewelry maker .

Banjaluka , BiH, Europe.



Sonja Bikic is artist who found inspiration in nature. One of her favorite topic are birds . Birds as a symbol of freedom like birds of peace and birds of wisdom like owls . She also found inspiration in cultural heritage . Motifs of rugs and embroidery she transform in 3D construction of unusual forms of ceramics. She is also cat lovers so cats are her inspiration too . All these motifs like birds, owls, cats and ornaments of embroidery she also use in her modern jewelry forms . She express herself by stoneware technique and porcelain . So far she had 10 solo exhibitions . She participated in over 30 international exhibitions in her country and abroad. She received several awards and honors. The most important publication where its works was published is “Arts and Crafts in BiH “issued by the UNESCO organization. From 2014 she is a owner of Gallery Sonja Bikić where she is permanently employed .

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